Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Onigiri and Slimer Macaroni GID editions by Grapebrain x Unbox Industries

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Who ya gonna call ?!?! Grapebrain x Unbox Industries revisit the classic Ghostbusters film with GID versions of the Stay-Puft Hell’s Cat Onigiri and Slimer Macaroni soft vinyl art toys. Glowing a bright ectoplasmic green, the figures feature custom sculpted versions of Grapebrain’s two most popular characters. These are a welcome sight as glow is the perfect choice to capture the spooky essence of the movie.

The GID versions retain the overall color design of the OG versions with some minor changes including the switch from a translucent slimer to an opaque GID finish. In a nice touch, it looks like Slimer’s tongue glows orange.

The Stay-Puft Hell’s Cat Onigiri (7.5″) and Slimer Macaroni (6.5″) GID soft vinyl art toys will be available on Saturday (8.6) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox Industries as preorders for $125 each slated to ship in September 2022.

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