Tenacious Toys Exclusive RunDMCheech by Mark Bode x UVD Toys

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Tenacious Toys’ exclusive RunDMCheech vinyl art toy set by Mark Bodē x UVD Toys celebrates the underground comic characters of his late father Vaughn Bodē and the singular influence of the legendary rap trio referenced in the set’s name. The exclusive features a 6″ Cheech Wizard, 3″ B-Bird (with Cheech Wizard-style star pattern hat) and a 2″ Boombox in a chill color combo blending Tenacious Toys’ signature blue, a complementary blue and silver for a sleek street style.

An edition of 150, the Tenacious Toys exclusive RunDMCheech vinyl art toy set (6″ Cheech Wizard, 3″ B-Bird & 2″ Boombox) will be available on Friday (7.8) at 11 AM PDT for $135.