Ron English & Creon CHKNHEAD Canbots for Five Points Festival

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For those that can’t make it out to NYC for this weekend’s Five Points Festival 2022, NTWRK will be hosting a virtual version of the show on their app. Based on previews and the published virtual schedule, Clutter is set to debut not one, but two brand-new artist editions of Czee13’s popular Canbot vinyl art toy.

First up there’s Ron English’s ‘grin’ Canbot. This first edition features a yellow and black smiley face design with a large toothy ‘grin’. The custom sculpt brings English’s signature motif to life on the graffiti platform.

Clutter will also release the KNOX Canbot by Creon ChknHead. The filipino artist’s sly chicken slips seamlessly into the role of graffiti vandal. The mischievous one’s facial expression doubles as a crimson mask complete with sculpted-in chicken details.

The Ron English Canbot is set to debut as part of NTWRK’s Five Points Fest virtual programming on Saturday (6.25) at 9 AM PDT while the ChknHead KNOX Canbot goes live later on Saturday at 2 PM PDT.