Leggie Bird by Ronan Leung x Unbox Industries

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Based on its wild flair, we might normally label HK-artist Ronan Leung’s stylish character a cool cat, but in this case we’ll have to settle for…fly bird. Leung’s new Leggie Bird vinyl, a collaboration between his RoRo Company brand and Unbox Industries, has a feather-covered head and a human body—’a bird with two legs’ as described the artist.

Leggie Bird’s electric style is inspired by the Cityboy vibe with a flashy red jacket, shocking blue pants, lightning-bolt shades and a wide-brimmed black hat topped off with a real feather. The eye-catching toy hits a sweet spot between odd and ‘normal’ with a definite cool factor.

The Leggie Bird vinyl art toy (9″) is available from Unbox Industries for $100—vibe and value.