‘Bullheaded’ by Brian Viveros x 3DRetro

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Painter Brian Viveros’ seductive yet gritty Dirtyland series comes to life with the new Bullheaded vinyl art toy produced by 3DRetro. Bullheaded features one of Viveros’ classic formidable females wearing a black combat helmet with bull horns, two belts of bullets, a red bullfighter’s cape and not much else.

The ambitious piece translates Viveros’ work to vinyl — no easy feat given his intricate pieces with hyper-realistic facial details. Highlights include the floral detail on the helmet, the tattoo of a bullfighter, and the warrior’s moody, dramatic eye shadow. First released in extremely limited, pandemic-constrained quantities at DesignerCon 2021, Bullheaded is now ready for a wider release.

The Bullheaded vinyl art toy (9″) will be available in a deluxe toy and print set (edition of 50) on Saturday (6.4) at 10 AM PDT from Brian Viveros’ site for $300. While not specifically stated as such, this release has an AP vibe as the print will only be included via Viveros’ drop.

U (6.4, 10 PM) : Added pricing and size.