Super Professional XL // Lollipop by Fools Paradise

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Fools Paradise revisits arguably its most popular recent figure with the flashy Super Professional XL // Lollipop vinyl art toy. The hitman/plumber returns in a nearly 20-inch, eye-catching edition featuring vivid metallic pastel hues in pink, purple and blue as well as a couple of different pearlescent off-white treatments.

Inspired by the hypnotic swirl of a lollipop, the new edition delivers a candy-coated mashup of the cult classic assassin flick and the iconic 8-bit franchise. The Super Professional’s gun and potted plant showcase the seamless blending of the two franchises with the Bullet Bill-style silencer and the carnivorous Piranha Plant, both hallmarks of the video game.

The Super Professional XL // Lollipop vinyl art toy (19.69″) is available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $345 (global shipping included) and is expected to ship within 1-3 months.