Grendizer – Space Version B by Eric So x Unbox Industries

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From HK art toy pioneer Eric So comes the new Grendizer – Space Version B vinyl art toy by Unbox Industries. Space Version B ramps up the giant robot’s impact with the inclusion of the character’s Double Harken bladed weapon. The overall colorway appears to be very similar to the previously released Battle Edition with a prominent carbon fiber-like texture.

So’s stylized take on Go Nagai’s giant robot features his signature focus on exaggerated, unexpected proportions. Here, Grendizer’s massive, bulky body dwarfs its head. Additionally, So pairs extremely long arms with stubby legs. Long-time collectors will recall So’s similar approach with his coveted Hellboy figure which featured an oversized torso, long & slender arms, and short feet.

The Grendizer – Space Version B vinyl art toy (14″) will be available on Saturday (5.28) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox Industries for $475. Due to its large volume and even larger packaging, the figure will only be available to customers in China, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.