SUPERBORED by Bored Ape Yacht Club x Superplastic

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The high-profile Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project is stepping out of the metaverse and into display cases with the new SUPERBORED art toy line from Superplastic.

The line begins with two characters, Curtis and Skipper, each 13″ tall. While the overall designs and sculpts are similar, each differs in terms of their fashion game. Curtis rocks a captain’s hat, cigar and goes barefoot while Skipper opts for a sailor’s hat, army jacket and high tops.

The first SUPERBORED drop features five designs, three of which are ‘gated’/reserved for NFT holders (BAYC Curtis, MAYC Curtis and Superplastic Skipper) and two that are available to all (Public Curtis and Public Skipper).

Each of the 13″ SUPERBORED art toys will be available from Superplastic’s SUPERBORED page for $222 on Thursday (4.14) for 15 minute windows per the schedule below:

  • BAYC Curtis @ 10 AM PDT (open to BAYC holders)
  • Superplastic Skipper @ 10:45 AM PDT (Cryptojankyz, Headtripz, and Supergucci holders)
  • MAYC Curtis @ 11:30 AM PDT (MAYC holders)
  • Public Curtis @ 12:15 PM PDT (open to all)
  • Public Skipper @ 12:15 PM PDT (open to all)

Shipping dates for these timed editions have not been announced.