Samurai YMKZ by Mermur Studio

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Mermur Studio’s YMKZ dog character is a bit of a chameleon, taking on different identities with occasional deluxe editions featuring elaborate new masks and costumes. With inspiration from feudal Japan comes the Samurai YMKZ bathed in blue hues. For this traditional transformation, YMKZ dons a wicked Oni-style demon mask, fabric kimono, and of course a katana. The figure blends vinyl toy and 1/6 scale aesthetics with its extensive fabric gear, most notably the kimono which features a rich textile design.

An edition of 15, the Samurai YMKZ vinyl art toy is available from Mermur Studio via lottery until Sunday (4.2) at 8:59 AM for $145. See entry details below.

Lottery Details

To enter the Samurai YMKZ lottery, send a DM to Mermur Studio with the following info:

1. Mailing Address
2. Full Name
3. Telephone Number
4. Email Addres