Mega Space Molly x Instinctoy 400%/1000% by Kenny Wong x Pop Mart

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Instinctoy and Pop Mart continue their string of collaborations with a special Mega Space Molly x Instinctoy design. Set for release in both the 400% and 1000% formats, Instinctoy’s Hiroto Ohkubo brings his signature design elements to Kenny Wong’s ever-popular Molly by incorporating the brand’s Liquid symbiote mascot and special surface finishes.

Rather than being molded into the Space Molly figure, Liquid can come and go as the collector wishes thanks to a removable magnetic design that attaches to the rear of the helmet. Taking double advantage of this design approach, both Mega Space Molly figures include white and black versions of Liquid.

Always on the forefront of sublime special effects, Ohkubo brings the Aurora chrome plating (air hoses, boots, camera lens) and subtle color shift technology to Molly’s translucent suit. Both effects flow seamlessly into the the explorer’s cosmic environment.

The Mega Space Molly x Instinctoy 400% (11.61″) / 1000% (27.56″) art toys will be available from Pop Mart Global on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 — likely at the usual drop time of 7 PM PDT. While official international pricing has not been announced, the Chinese retail prices are ¥1299 (~$204) for the 400% and ¥5,999 (~$943) for the 1000%.