Astro Boy by Dehara x Tezuka Productions x Hoopz

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Yukinori Dehara brings his signature organic style to Osamu Tezuka’s iconic Astro Boy with a new soft vinyl art toy set created in collaboration with Tezuka Productions and Hoopz. With production currently stalled due to COVID restrictions in China, here’s a look at what’s coming.

The Astro Boy sets feature Dehara’s take on Astro Boy with a new original sculpt.The set also includes a Ochanomizu Satoshi mini inspired by the hero’s guardian and an alternate Satoshi Yamamoto head. For this special set, Dehara has given Satoshi an Astro Boy style haircut so that each figure have roughly the same general outline. From the photos it appears that there will be three editions that we’ll call OG, GID, and Gold Glitter. The new figures are must-haves for Dehara collectors and Astro Boy collectors looking for a unique vision of the character.

After production is complete, the Dehara Astro Boy figures will be available via a Japan-only lottery. Based on the information posted by Hoopz, it appears Dehara will also have a separate release — no word on whether that will be open to collectors outside of Japan.