Alien by James Groman x 52Toys

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James Groman brings his love of ferocious monsters to the depths of space with the new officially licensed Alien art toy produced by Chinese brand 52Toys. Sculpted and designed by Groman, his take on the Alien features a compact design with the horrific extended mouth and razor sharp claws all in close proximity, ready to strike. The gritty design also features an off-white translucent dome. Finally, Aliens apparently take trophies, seen here with a human skull—cap still firmly in place— pierced through the beast’s spiky tail.

An edition of 500, Groman’s take on the Alien stands 11.81″ tall and retails for ¥3,499 (~$550). The figure debuted (50 pieces) via a raffle on the DreamFair app for Chinese collectors. 52Toys is currently exploring overseas distribution arrangements. Fingers crossed.