Sunday Best Linus by Daniel Yu x Fufufanny [U]

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Daniel Yu and Fufufanny have collaborated on the charming new Sunday Best Linus vinyl art toy. The figure brings together Fufanny’s Linus, the fox, with the body of Yu’s rather dark Mumbles character. The cross-character design works extremely well, so much so that its hybrid nature recedes into the storybook vibe driven by the figure’s nostalgic overalls outfit. The new Linus features strong sculpting throughout and excellent, subtle painting.

An edition of 20, the Sunday Best Linus vinyl art toy will debut with a preorder at this weekend’s Toy Taste event in Taoyuan, Taiwan at Fufufanny’s booth [B13] for NT$3500 ($126). If you can’t make it to the show, there will also be an online pre-order shortly.

U (1.6/8:33 PM): Correction – figure is vinyl not resin.