Pocket Universe – WWR Mule Heavy Freight Square by Ashley Wood x Underverse

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Ashley Wood and his Underverse label continue to build out the Pocket Universe line which features 1:18 scale action-figure style versions of popular WWR (World Wide Robot) characters and robots. Next up is the Mule Heavy Freight Square, a heavy duty hauling version of the ultra versatile Square. The Heavy Freight Square features the Mule faction deco and includes two stackable (magnetic) containers: GOGOGO and FASC. Loaded out with both containers, the Heavy Freight Square stands a towering (for 1:18 scale) at 9.5″ tall.

The Pocket Universe – WWR Mule Heavy Freight Square art toy will be available for preorder on Thursday (1.13) at 6 PM PST from Underverse for $160 (worldwide shipping included). There’s still barely time to pre-order Pocket Universe Tracker NOM Hinkon and Drittle Disciple Nomad NOM figures ($52). The NOM pre-order close on Tuesday (1.11) at 6 PM PST.