‘New Year, New Gold’ Suicidal Tendencies Editions by BlackBook Toy

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BlackBook Toy is ringing in 2022 (the Year of the Tiger) with a trio of special New Year, New Gold Suicidal Tendencies editions plus the Punk Rock ‘Spiky’ Boy Golden Glitter Mixed Parts figures. The New Year, New Gold trio includes the Punk Rock ‘Spiky’ Boy, Punk Rock ‘Skull’ Baby and the El Loco Skum figures. Each New Year figure blends clear-cast glitter gold vinyl with black and white deco.

To get 2022 off to a grand start, BlackBook Toy is offering a special tiger mask/keychain resin omake from MF Chop in random colors with the NYNG Punk Rock ‘Spiky’ Boy and the NYNG El Loco Skum sofubi figures. Following the tradition set with last year’s New Years Piggums, all there of the 2022 NYNG toys include hand-customized lettering in red. The lettering limits are as follows: ‘Spiky’ Boy (Jacket back) will accommodate up to 2 Chinese characters or one English word (max of 5 characters), ‘Skull’ baby (back of head) will accommodate 1 Chinese character, and El Loco (top of head) will accommodate 1 Chinese character. BBT will choose auspicious Chinese characters as a default unless the collector requests specific characters.

Finally, BlackBook Toy is offering the very limited Punk Rock ‘Spiky’ Boy Golden Glitter Mixed Parts featuring a mix of gold glitter, solid black, and clear parts. This special release is offered as a blind assortment packaged in black bags.The lettering service is not available for the mixed parts drop.

BBT’s New Year drops including the NYNG Punk Rock ‘Spiky’ Boy (6.69″, ¥12,800/$111), NYNG Punk Rock ‘Skull Baby (4.33″, ¥8,800/$77), NYNG El Loco SKUM (6.3″, ¥12,800/$111) and the Golden Glitter Mixed Parts ‘Spiky’ Boy (6.69″, ¥7,777/$67.61) will be offered via lottery until Monday (1.3.21) @ 6:59 AM PST. The NYNG figures will also be offered as a set with extra omakase (randomly chosen from previous years) for ¥33,000/$287.

To enter the lottery send an email to info@blackbooktoy.com with a subject of ‘2022 lottery application’ and be sure to include 1) Full name, 2) Shipping Address, 3) Telephone Number, 4) Paypal address, 5) the product name (You can apply for up to 1 item at a time), 6) your choice of custom inscription in red characters (see limits above),7) IG/FB/Twitter name as optional backup contact. For more information see BBT’s full post with additional photos and details.