Kurosawa 2GO by JT Studio x QUICCS

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JT Studio x QUICCS continue their creative collaboration with the brand-new Kurosawa 2GO 8″ art toys. JT Studio’s take on QUICCS’ enigmatic Ghost of Kurosawa, a fierce Bulletpunk warrior, is fueled by his signature street style developed over numerous 1:6 projects.

While clearly based on GoK, the 2GO versions have a distinct vibe blending the ferocity of the character with playful, child-like proportions. Available in both Original (black/red/white) and White Ghost editions, Kurosawa is equally adept at the art of war, street art and shredding. The warrior is equipped for action with a futuristic sword (knife), holstered spray can, stylized, sword-shaped skateboard and waist bag.

From the oversized samurai helmet to the baggy clothes, the design appeals to the kid in all of us — balancing intricate details with a light-hearted, smirk-inducing sense of over-the-top cool. Rules were made to be broken, after all. The new figures follow the previously-released TEQ 2GO figures.

The Kurosawa 2GO art toys (8″) will be available for pre-order on Friday (1.14) at 7 AM PST from JT Studio and QUICCS’ Bulletpunk sites in both the single Kurosawa Original edition stand-alone figure (99 pieces, $199) and the 2-pack (249 sets, $325) which includes the White Ghost set exclusive. The figures are scheduled to ship in Q2 2022 – most likely in June.