Hello Foxy by Wetworks x Luke Chueh x Flabslab

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Wetworks and Luke Chueh celebrate the Year of the Tiger with the fun Hello Foxy collabo resin art toy produced by Flabslab. Luke Chueh’s Hello Lukey bear has decided to pretend to be a tiger version of Foxy, Wetwork’s signature character. Cleverly designed by Wetworks, the collabo figure mimics Foxy from the head on view and unleashes the tiger from the side profile. Appropriately, this imposter rocks a ‘Rejects’ jacket. The two-piece design features a magnetic joint for articulation.

An edition of 50, the Hello Foxy resin art toy (5″) will be available on Tuesday (2.1) at 7 AM PST—Chinese New Year’s Day—from Flabslab for $220. Each figure is signed and numbered by Wetworks.