Beast – G.O.A.T. by BathingBoys

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Hong Kong-based BathingBoys continues their celebration of legendary basketball players with the new Beast – G.O.A.T. resin art toy. Playing off the acronym for the Greatest Of All Time, the new figure features Michael Jordan as a GOAT.

The highlight of the design is the GOAT head which features a shoe-inspired design with swoosh-shaped horns. Dressed in a red+black ‘GOAT 23′ jersey, Jordan, the GOAT is ready to dominate with a black basketball. The G.O.A.T. figure follows BathingBoys’ previous Dear Basketball (Kobe Bryant) and Before The Game (LeBron James) figures.

BathingBoy’s new figure adds to the growing category of GOAT concept toys which includes Tracy Tubera’s previously released The G.O.A.T resin. The Beast – G.O,A,T, has a urban art toy vibe compared to Tubera’s more sculptural, single-color design highlighting the fierce GOAT head.

The Beast – G.O.A.T. resin art toy (12″) is available for preorder from BathingBoys for $250 (+$50 for overseas shipping). For those in the USA, the figure is also available for $250 from Strangecat Toys and The Isle of Misfit Toys.