Bart Simpson X-Ray by Secret Base x atmos

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Atmos Japan has collaborated with Secret Base on the officially-licensed Bart Simpson X-Ray sofubi art toy. The latest in Secret Base’s X-Ray lineup, the figure features the classic Bart on the right and a clear, x-ray view of the trouble maker’s skeleton on the left. The X-Ray concept goes beyond dissection with a fully detailed skeleton embedded within the primary figure. The new toy flows out of the The Simpsons apparel collection from Secret Base x Atmos. With any luck, we’ll see Homer and Krusty figures in the future.

The Bart Simpson X-Ray sofubi art toy (7.48″) is available to collectors in Japan via online lottery from Atmos Japan through Friday (1.28) at 8:59 AM JST for ¥24,200 ($210). Secret Base has not yet announced whether they will offer the figure for overseas collectors.