ToyQube Release of ‘Baby Milo Wood’ Art Toy with BAPE Play

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ToyQube has collaborated with BAPE’s toy division, BAPE Play, on the first-ever wood version of their super cute Baby Milo mascot. Fully embracing the beauty of natural materials, the Baby Milo wood art toy features five different woods for varied color and texture. The design makes good use of the wood grain especially on the partially peeled banana.

If you’re wondering if this has already been released, the answer is that while BAPE released their stock, ToyQube has waited until now to release their allotment. Which is a roundabout way of saying, this is the second and final opportunity to pick up the figure at retail.

An edition of 300, the Baby Milo wood art toy (9″) will be available on Thursday (12.30) at 11 AM PST from ToyQube for $2750.

U (12.29, 3:46 PM) : Corrected toy height