Tona the Angry Fox / Lil’ Tona 04 Set by OkLuna x Touma

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OkLuna and Touma team up once again for the Tona the Angry Fox & Lil ‘Tona 04 vinyl art toy set. The fourth colorway channels David Bowie’s Aleppin Sane with the trademark lightning bolt over the right eye on a pink and white color. Fit for winter, both foxes feature multi-color check scarves. Rather than being mirrors of each other, the two foxes have different color noses, lightning bolts and mouth colors. From the photos, these appear to be double pour clear + pink designs.

The Tona the Angry Fox & Lil ‘Tona 04 vinyl art toy set (2.36 &3.15″) is available for preorder from select retailers including myplasticheart and Strange Cat Toys for $150.00.