‘That Cat Bronson’ Toy Tokyo 20th Anniversary Watch by Mister Cartoon

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Los Angeles-based artist Mister Cartoon brings his artistry and automotive passion to Toy Tokyo’s 20th Anniversary Watch Series with the That Cat Bronson watch. Cartoon’s cool cat, Bronson, makes his watch debut in a classic black and red colorway. The watch’s custom silicone case, a staple of the art toy-meets-watch crossover series, brings the character’s style to life with his distinctive Chevy Impala-inspired tail light shades. The watch follows the previously released Bronson vinyl art toy (2018).

An edition of 500, the That Cat Bronson art watch will debut as part of the Beyond the Streets virtual event on the NTWRK App on Thursday (12.2) at 4:30 PM PST for $150 with 200 watches available for this drop.

Update (12.2, 7 PM) : Clarified title: 20th Anniversary.