Ramirez Art Toy by GREYGXDS x FU-Stamps

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The Ramirez resin art toy is a collaboration between Fresno-based rapper Ramirez, his GREYGXDS brand and Rios Palante’s FU-Stamps. The hard-edged design features the musician in an action pose with a bloody katana (removable) behind the back. Fierce yet dressed to impress, the rapper’s style game is on lock with GREYGXDS hoodie, Nike kicks, Carhartt jacket and cargo pants. Palante continues to excel with his stylized yet realistically detailed sculpting.

An edition of 200, the Ramirez resin art toy (7″) will be available on Friday (12.3) at 12 PM PST from GREYGXDS and FU-Stamps. As a fun chase, 20 pieces will be signed. Additionally one figure will include a ‘golden ticket’ for one of Ramirez’s future shows. Pricing has not been announced.