Luke Chueh & El Barto Vandul Editions

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Los Angeles-based Vandul is ready to drop two special Vandul art toys this Friday. First up is a crossover with Luke Chueh’s signature bear. The collaborative figure features the bear chillin’ Vandul style in a gray hoodie and oversized shoes. The sculpt is spot-on, fitting the bear to a tee.

From one unpredictable character to the next, Vandul also has the very yellow El Barto design. The design celebrates Springfield’s lovable troublemaker with a hoodie styled after Bart’s spiky hair.

The Luke Chueh x Vandul (4 pcs, 7″, $249.99) and El Barto Vandul 3D-printed art toys (5 pcs, 7″, $219.95) will be available on Friday (12.17) at 9 AM PST from Vandul’s site. The drop will feature additional items including the 7″ Basic Vandul in Black (10 pcs, $179.99).