Kid Katana WER1RME Edition 1001 (Jungle Assassin) by 2petalrose

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UK artist 2petalrose’s hand-crafted We Are One Army variant of the Katana Kid makes the jump to production with the Kid Katana WER1RME Edition 1001 (Jungle Assassin) vinyl art toy. The debut vinyl edition of the gas mask variant of the samurai-styled figure features a fierce jungle camouflage design with red grid lenses. Beyond the standard interchangeable samurai helmet and top knot, Jungle Assassin’s loadout includes a military-style fabric pouch belt, Katana with saya (shealth) and faux leather strap. The gold contrast deco on the chest armor/vest carries over to the gas mask with the scrawled ‘We Are One Army’ slogan on the right respirator.

This first WER1RME edition is a strong addition to the Kid Katana vinyl series and will definitely please collectors who have hunted the hand-done, low-run—often one-off—We Are One Army figures at various conventions and special events. The design blends old and new military themes into a hybrid dripping with style. The only mystery is whether the old WAOA acronym has been replaced with WER1RME or whether the new one is reserved for the production verse.

An edition of 200, the Kid Katana WER1RME Edition 1001 (Jungle Assassin) vinyl art toy (8.5″) will be available for preorder on Sunday (12.26) at 8 AM PST from 2petalrose for £135 ($178).VLTD will offer a simultaneous release for USA-based collectors. The figure is slated to ship in Q2 2022.