Doobie the Skate Rat by Steven Harrington x HUF

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Steven Harrington blends his laid-back, breezy style with HUF’s street culture focus for the upcoming Doobie the Skate Rat vinyl art toy. The original figure features a mellow rat laying low and enjoying a blunt in a psychedelic HUF hoodie, cool shades, and Harrington kicks with his signature palm tree character. Inspired by HUF’s weed motif, Doobie’s Plantlife Buddy BFF is the perfect all-natural, leafy sidekick for a relaxing trip.

Editions of 150, the Doobie the Skate Rat vinyl art toys (12″) in HUF Green and SF Orange will be available on Thursday (12.30) at 9 AM PT from HUF for $375 each.