RunDMCheech by Mark Bode x UVD Toys

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With the upcoming RunDMCheech art toy, Mark Bode mixes a hip-hop beat with the iconic Cheech Wizard created by his father Vaughn Bode. Paying homage to the legendary rap trio, the art toy set from UVD Toys introduces a chill new Cheech Wizard (6″), B-Bird (3″) and Shaggy Da’ Boombox (2″).

The new Cheech Wizard embraces the golden days of hip hop with a kangol hat, oversized shades and gold bling. The design builds (literally) on top of the classic wizard design with the addition of a new head and use of the old head as the new torso. An additional nod to the original character, the fun B-Bird design is patterned after the Cheech Wizard with its squat, nearly all-legs design and classic red and black stars on yellow headwear motif. The new set pays tribute to the essence of Vaughn Bode’s beloved character with a fun crossover vibe that should appeal to old and new collectors.

An edition of 350, the RunDMCheech vinyl art toy set will be available for preorder on Wednesday (11.3) at 9 AM PDT from UVD Toys for $135.