Goop Massta Bada Bing Bada Blue by Goop Massta x UVD Toys

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Miami-based Goop Massta has collaborated with UVD Toys on a brand-new vinyl versions of his signature froggy character. The Goop Massta vinyl figure features a spunky, compact version of the memorable character with a bald head, golden tooth and infectious smiles. The debut Bada Bing Bada Blue edition features a funky blue all-over print shirt that fits the high energy of the character to a tee. With a shorter and chunkier profile, the new vinyl version is a nice kid-like companion to the taller OG resin figures. As is plain to see, both frogs are all about fun.

The Goop Masta Bada Bing Bada Blue vinyl art toy (4″) is available from UVD Toys for $60.