Bad Bunny Fashion EDC SuperGuggi by Superplastic

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Superplastic’s ‘Fashion Horror’ (it’s a thing…) bad boy returns with the new Bad Bunny EDC Fashion SuperGuggi vinyl art toy. The new version of the mask-wearing, axe-wielding, homicidal bunny features a gray, red and black edition of the Fashion EDC design with tactical gear and leather bag. The Bad Bunny follows the Pride Month Fashion EDC SuperGuggi which embraced the beauty of the rainbow. Beyond the tactical gear, the one eye open + one eye gone mask is apparently the Fashion EDC variant’s calling card. As with all of the Guggi drops, we want to know… What’s under the mask?

An edition of 1,444 (funky numbers ftw), the Bad Bunny Fashion EDC SuperGuggi vinyl art toy (8″) will be available for pre-order on Thursday (9.9) at 11 AM PDT from Superplastic for $90 each. The figure is expected to ship in October 2021.