Strangecat Toys Exclusive M9E FETT Edition by Daytoner x PureArts

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As part of its MegaCon lineup, Strangecat Toys is set to release its exclusive M9E FETT Edition vinyl art toy from Daytoner x PureArts. The fun new edition honors the infamous intergalactic bounty hunter by incorporating his distinctive Mandalorian armor design onto the bulky Master Nine Eyes sculpt. Beyond the iconic color scheme and paint design, the figure also features a battle-damaged green cloth cape. Rather than simply transplanting a popular character to a new figure, the new edition flows with the synergy between the lone robotic swordsman and the bounty hunter concepts.

An edition of 160, the Strangecat Toys Exclusive M9E Fett vinyl art toy (6″) will be available on Thursday (8.12) for $105 from Strangecat Toys’ online store at 9AM PDT and from their MegaCon booth in Orlando, FL at 4PM EDT.