The Void – Turbulent Editions by Sank Toys

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Sank Toys keeps its signature Sank the Child character interesting with a variety of presentations, some whimsical or cartoony or as with the new The Void – Turbulent editions, dramatic. Turbulent features the diver seemingly washed ashore on a scallop shell. Curled in a ball with his arms around his knees, Sank has escaped the cold and unforgiving sea. The piece conveys the child’s vulnerability in a way we haven’t seen before.

The figure is available in two editions—Bronze Age and Obsidian. With an iridescent green and gold design, Bronze Age offers a stylized patina concept. Obsidian features a dark gray diver suit and helmet with rainbow glitter that subtly complements Sank’s golden body and shell.

Editions of 299, The Void – Turbulent: Bronze Age and Obsidian resin art toys (12″ from top of helmet to bottom of shell) are available for preorder for $190 from select retailers including Strangecat Toys and myplasticheart. The figures are expected to ship in August 2021.