Terrabuck – OG & Patina by Chknhd x Flabslab

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Singapore-based Flabslab continues to ‘unearth’ rather unusual legions of terracotta warriors. The latest ‘discovery’ is the plucky Terrabuck from Filipino artist ChknHead. Terrabuck features ChknHead’s signature Buck character in a handsome suit of ancient Chinese armor.

Available in both OG and Patina editions, the new figure is the latest in Flabslab’s growing line of figures, many from a galaxy, far, far away, inspired by the actual Terracotta Warriors discovered in  Xi’an, China in the 1970s. Terrabuck is also the second terracotta artist edition following Luke Chueh’s Bobacotta.

The Terrabuck OG & Patina resin art toys (3.5″) are available and in stock from Flabslab for $75 each.