Molote Classic by Escobas x Vinyles Chiles x Superficial Edition

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Mexican artist Escobas’ mighty luchador returns to the ring after a 10 year hiatus. The new Molote Classic edition vinyl art toy from Escobas x Vinyles Chiles x Superficial Edition features a monochrome edition of Bulmaro Espinosa Tochtli, better known as the mighty Molote. The unforgettable figure with stylized proportions returns just in time for Vinyles Chiles 13th Anniversary. The new Molote Classic figure is part of Escobas’ return to art toys which will soon include his brand-new Dr. Aztec figure from Superficial Edition.

An edition of 150, the Molote Classic (8″) is available as a preorder from Vinyles Chiles for MEX$950 ($48). The figures are expected to ship on August 30, 2021.