Mecha Elfie by Too Natthapong x Lam Toys x Unbox Industries

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Too Natthapong’s Elfie has been upgraded for the cybernetic future with the new Mecha Elfie blindbox series from Lam Toys x Unbox Industries Part elephant and part machine, the figures feature a half and half ‘dissected’ design. While the ‘normal’ side is the Elfie that collectors know and love, the mecha side is the draw here.

With a 3/4 length translucent shell, the mecha half is a mix of revealed innerworkings and exterior detail. The translucent shell reveals the mechanisms for Elfie’s robotic eye, segmented trunk and mouth. Exposed through the cutout in the shell, Elfie’s futuristic arms and legs feature servos and motor joints. The flap-style ear is a fun touch. Interestingly, the six standard designs alternate the normal and mech sides, half of the figures have the mech side on the right and the other half on the left.

The Mecha Elfie blindbox series is available for preorder from myplasticheart for $14.99/blindbox or $89.99 for a full display case featuring the full set of six (or 5 standard + 1 chase). The figures are expected to ship sometime in July. This is the latest release in Lam Toy’s Mecha line which includes Mecha PuPu and Mecha Hello Kitty.