Inked Stories: Eve by Jon-Paul Kaiser x Mighty Jaxx

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Mighty Jaxx‘s new Inked Stories series pairs in-house character designs and sculpts with tattoo-style graphics created by leading artists. The series begins with the Inked Stories: Eve polystone art toy sculpture featuring UK artist Jon-Paul Kaiser. Exploring the timeless story of temptation and the ‘Fall of Man’. the design features Eve with the serpent wrapped around her as she takes a bite from the Forbidden Fruit.

Jon-Paul Kaiser brings Eve to life through a series of tattoo graphics evoking the Garden of Eden with foliage seductively embracing her body. The tattoos feature her creation through Adam’s rib and the role of the serpent as the instigator. Graceful and evocative, the monochromatic designs showcase JPK’s storytelling through his linework.

The Inked Stories: Eve polystone art toy sculpture (8″) will be available as a 24-hr preorder beginning on Saturday (7.24) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $199. The piece is slated to ship in December 2021.