Guggimon Chop Chop ‘Lights Out’ by Superplastic

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Guggimon is relentless, he just keeps going and going. And unlike the Energizer Bunny, Guggi is most definitely not harmless. Anything but. The floppy-eared fashion horror influencer (ask Superplastic) is back with a GID edition of the extremely popular Guggimon Chop Chop vinyl art toy. Lights Out features a vintage monochrome colorway that incorporates GID vinyl for plenty of in-the-dark fun. Beware the axe behind the back!

An edition of 1555 (style points, anyone?), the Guggimon Chop Chop ‘Lights Out’ vinyl art toy (10″) will be available for preorder on Thursday (7.1) at 11 AM PDT from Superplastic for $90. This one ships out sometime in July. Stay sharp, Chop Chop has a tendency to go go.