Goodnight – Lowpoly Editions by Sank Toys

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Sank the Child returns with the new Goodnight – Lowpoly resin art toy editions from Sank Toys. The new figures feature a seated sank with his head lowered in a restful pose. Per the lowpoly concept, the sculpt features geometric facets throughout rather than the smooth surface that would be produced by a higher poly count. These facets highlight the beauty of the translucent design by catching and reflecting the ambient light. The polycount here is not too low, nor too high but rather ‘just right’ to add artistic flair to the popular diver figure.

The Goodnight – Lowpoly resin art toys (5.91″) will be available in three editions: Moonlight, Crystal and Rose. Judging by the photos, the Crystal edition appears to have a slight purple tint. The figures will be offered from select retailers including myplasticheart and Strangecat Toys as timed editions from Friday (7.16) at 7 AM PDT through Tuesday (7.20) at 7 AM PDT. The figures are scheduled to ship in November 2021.