El Ladrón by FeastStudio

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Frank Montano introduces a new character into the unfolding FeastLife saga with the release of the El Ladrón resin art toy. Previously a member of the shadowy FEAST Corp’s Mobile Defense Unit (MDU), the cat-like character is on the run after discovering a secret buried within the company.

Named after the spanish word for ‘thief’, the questionable cat has a cunning cartoon vibe with a wide, toothy grin and focused eyes. His maroon bunny-skull hoodie and elaborate pack suit his urgent flight for friends. Does FEAST’s secret lie within the cat’s pack?

A hand-painted edition of 15, the El Ladrón resin art toy (6″) is available for preorder from FeastStudio for $360. The figures are scheduled to ship at the end of Q3 2021.