Vandulbot by Vandul x Czee13 x Clutter

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LA-based Vandul is following up the first vinyl figure of his ‘Vandul’ hoodie character with the brand-new Vandulbot. The Vandul-ized Canbot features an all-new hoodie head for the Czee13 x Clutter art toy. Who is the faceless Vandul and what’s he looking at? Hmmm.

An edition of 200, the Vandulbot vinyl art toy (5.5″) will debut on Wednesday (6.16) at 6 PM PDT with 100 pieces available via the NTWRK app for $100/figure. The remaining 100 pieces will be released by Clutter at a later date. Pricing has not been announced.

U(6.15, 8:10 PM) : Corrected height. Added pricing.