The Brick Canbot Supernaut by Kyle Kirwan x Czee13 x Clutter

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Rock on. Kyle Kirwan combines heavy metal and graffiti with the new Brick Canbot Supernaut vinyl art toy created in collaboration with Canbot creator Czee13 and Clutter. The follow-up to the OG edition’s classic red brick motif, Supernaut embraces the ever-present edge with a silver + back design.

Less bling and more borough, the new edition has a well-worn vibe from the ample application of black ‘ NYC grime’ throughout. An adaptation of the original Canbot, the Brick Canbot embodies the gritty, less than glamorous reality of graffiti by fusing the ‘canvas’ into the medium itself.

An edition of 75, the Brick Canbot Supernaut Edition vinyl art toy (5.5″) will be able on Friday (6.4) at 9 AM PST from Clutter for $100. As with all Canbots, this edition features the coveted spray can rattle feature.