Katana Kid Yurei by 2petalrose

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2petalrose keeps the samurai action flowing with his new Katana Kid Yurei resin art toy. Yurei features a striking black on white design with skull face. The samurai is ready for whatever awaits with his katana (and leather strap) and samurai helmet. The figure also comes with a swappable ‘top knot’ hair piece for a more relaxed helmet-free display. Yurei also includes a numbered gold coin with a design featuring the Samurai’s crest.

While recent Katana Kid drops have been of the newer vinyl figure, Yurei is the latest edition of the separate resin figure line produced by Unbox Industries. Designwise the two sculpts appear to be nearly identical, though the resin version is slightly shorter (8″ vs 8.5″) than the vinyl version. Packaging wise, the resin figures come in slipcase style boxes with foam inserts while the vinyl figures feature window style boxes with magnetic closures.

An edition of 100, the Katana Kid Yurei resin art toy toy will be available from 2petalrose for £250 ($354) at random intervals from Friday (6.11) at 9 PM PDT through Sunday (6.13) at 12 PM PDT. Due to the small edition size and the demand, the figure will be released in randomly-timed batches throughout the release window. F5, here we come!

In addition to the figure 2petalrose will release the signed and numbered Lost Souls Yurei art print in two standard sizes: A2 (Edition of 25, £100/$142) and A3 (Edition of 50, £75/$106). The prints will be available at the same time as the toy (9 AM PDT).

As with previous releases, 2pr will also release several related items a half hour before the start of the toy drop (8:30 AM PDT). This time around there’s a new Bamboo Base Stand with Flag (7″ W x 10.5″ H) for £45 ($64) Each stand includes the choice of one of six flag designs with additional flags available. Designed for the figure’s helmet and katana, the Bamboo Display Stand in White (6″, £35/$50) will also be available.