Captain Cornelius Albacore Prototype by Chris Lee x Matt Kaufenberg

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The successful launch of the Joy Riders series with the Nebula One Deluxe Set is just the beginning of the new vintage-inspired space toy saga from Chris Lee and Matt Kaufenberg’s LK Toys. The expanding story includes six new characters byeond the intrepid crew of the Nebula One rover, Cadet Brett Bradfield and Professor Xero Xanthum. First up is Captain Cornelius Albacore, the leader of the Intergalactic Science Squad. The cosmic commander has a definite pirate vibe with a robotic left arm and claw, eye patch and his trusty companion Pip, a fish rather than a parrot. According to his backstory, the captain is the one that assigned Cadet Bradfield to the remote scientific outpost on planet Delphynia.

Captain Cornelius Albacore is planned as a standalone carded figure with ‘collector friendly’ packaging, which likely means removable/resealable. No word on a release date yet. Hopefully the wait won’t be too agonizing.

Captain Cornelius Albacore’s Backstory

“Captain Albacore is the head of the Intergalactic Science Squad, a group dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of space. Aboard the SV-Nova, the no-nonsense captain is always accompanied by his first-mate, and best friend, Pip.

When Brett Bradfield crashes a prototype vehicle at one of the Science Squad colonies, Albacore is forced to send the young cadet to a remote research station on the planet Delphynia in the hopes he’ll stay out of trouble. Let’s just say, things don’t go exactly as planned.”