WWR2 SQR MK6 Ghasty G6 by Ashley Wood x Underverse

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Ashley Wood’s popular cube-shaped ‘bot returns with the new WWR2 SQR MK6 Ghasty G6 art toy from Underverse. Featuring a translucent blue-green construction, the G6 is the second release—following the MK5— of the revised WWR2 SQR sculpt which features 8 points of articulation, three working hatches/panels (top, side and back) and light-up LED eyes. Crisp white deco including a bullseye on the left side armor panelling completes the latest SQR model from Rothchild Mechanics.

The WWR2 SQR MK6 Ghasty G6 ABS art toy (4.3″) will be available for pre-order beginning on Thursday (5.27) at 7 PM PDT from Underverse’s web shop and the UV Taobao store. Pricing has not been announced. For reference, the previously released MK5 edition retailed for $105.