Witchdoktor (Digital Donut) by Will Sweeney x Fern xUnbox Industries

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UK illustrator Will Sweeney’s Witchdoktor returns in the new Digital Donut edition from Fern x Unbox Industries. The new colorway features a unusual mix of pink, light brown (donut), burnt orange and royal blue. This is the followup to the OG edition (green, yellow, pink) which debuted for NTWRK’s Unboxed festival back in February.

Sweeney’s Witchdoktor brings a trippy twist to the classic witch doctor concept with a cybernetic mask design and skull gauntlets. The journey gets weirder around the back which features an exposed brain, apparently neural-linked to the mask. The new figure follows Sweeney’s previous Mindseye Trooper—also from Fern x Unbox Industries—which also has a mind control vibe.

The Witchdoktor (Digital Donut) vinyl art toy (8″) will be available on Saturday (5.8) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox Industries for $125.