Rock On! Sushi by Mankeeboi x Mighty Jaxx

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Philippines-based artist Mankeeboi (Arly Pescuela) brings amped up energy with his new Rock On! Sushi vinyl art toy from Mighty Jaxx. The debut figure in what we assume is planned a series, features a radical onigiri sushi sliding along on a wavy piece of seaweed with its tongue sticking out and both ‘rock on’ hands in the hair.

Going beyond cute or ironic fare, Mankeeboi’s electric take stands apart from previous sushi toys. Rock On! Sushi delivers the onigiri in mid run with a pose that seems to defy gravity and pushes the limits of balance through a clever seaweed ‘base’. There’s plenty of style points here including the high leg kick, which shows off the detailed sneaker tread. So we have a fun character design and an action-packed pose. Playability? Well, while this sushi isn’t articulated, it does have a slick trick: interchangeable fish hair(cuts) in both salmon and tuna varieties. The wasabi dollop beanie keeps everything together.

The Rock On! Sushi vinyl art toy (7″) will be available for preorder on Saturday (5.8) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $149 (global shipping included).