‘Ride’ by OddFauna

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OddFauna is currently in the final day of their Kickstarter campaign for the OddFauna: Secret of the TerraBeast open-world sandbox computer game which features Astor riding on the four-legged Mighty on a freeform adventure across the dynamic, unfolding world that is the TerraBeast. Crafting, gathering, farming, mystical terraforming and more await.

One standout feature of the game is that all the creatures in the game were hand-sculpted and painted by OddFauna’s Emma SanCartier and then digitally scanned into the game. This approach gives the game a unique stop-motion feel. It also has led to the Ride polystone art toy featuring Astor on a journey atop Mighty.

The beautiful 8″ piece produced by Level 52 brings the world of OddFauna to life. Full of joy, the leafy Astor is clearly enjoying this adventure. In contrast to its tiny rider, the deep blue Mighty lives up to its name with a large, sturdy frame and curved white horns.

The Ride polystone art toy (8″) is available with the ‘Beast Collector’ reward level ($350) which is loaded with game-related rewards including 2 copies of the game and numerous in-game items/perks. The Kickstarter ends on Friday (5.7) at 11:59 PM PDT.