‘M2 Spacer’ Teases from Arctong Toys

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HK-based Arctong Toys is following up its popular B1 Spacer chameleon art toy with the new M2 Spacer vinyl art toy. Seen in numerous recent gorgeous ‘teaser’ pics, the upcoming figure features a meerkat space explorer complete with custom fit space suit.

M2 follows the general design language of B2 with a ribbed/tubular space suit and angular space shoes. The meerkat has a slender torso and large legs, a contrast to the skiny legged but fairly sturdy chameleon. The new M2 Spacer pushes the envelope in terms of accessories with a visor helmet and thruster style backpack. The head and tail are both removable as well. And… The figure features magnetic connectors at the neck, back and tail area for crazy possibilities as revealed in a few teaser shots. Oh, the parts are swappable with the B1 chameleon figure as well for even more mix and match fun.

While there’s no word yet on M2 Spacer’s availability, the recent set of detailed photos might suggest an imminent announcement (or not).