Gorillaz Geep by Superplastic

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Superplastic’s collaboration with the Gorillaz rolls on with the new Gorillaz Geep art toy. The animated band’s immediately recognizable off road transport (inspired by the Meyers Manx dune buggy) features Noodle at the wheel, a removable guitar, and functional lights. The Gorillaz Geep is Superplastic’s third collaboration with the animated band following the standalone 2D release and the subsequent Song Machine figures of the entire band.

As seen in the promo 3D renders, the Geep has a striking level of mechanical detail from the tires, shocks and most of all, engine. Assuming Superplastic maintains their high level of quality/fidelity, Geep should be a Gorillaz toy to remember for quite some time.

An edition of 3000, the Gorillaz Geep art toy (10 L x 6 W x 4.5″ H) will be available for pre-order on Thursday (5.27) at 11 AM PDT from Superplastic for $120. The toy is slated to ship in September 2021.

3 Replies to “Gorillaz Geep by Superplastic”

  1. I went back to watch the music video featuring the Geep and this reproduction isn’t even close. What is superplastic doing?

    1. I’d imagine they’re either putting their own spin on it, or this is based on a video Gorillaz hasn’t released yet. Either way, it looks awesome. I totally dig the black cat on the hood.

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