F*CK COVID Shipping Container by Mister Thoms x Martian Toys

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Martian Toys introduced their Shipping Container DIY art toy platform with the Contain Yourself custom show presented at the Complexland virtual convention (December 2020) and Martian’s Mothership Toy Gallery in Philadelphia. Now comes the next chapter with the release of the first printed editions including the debut artist series release and a Martian Toys-branded version.

The straight-to-the-point F*CK COVID edition by Italian street artist Mister Thoms features a cleaning crew using disinfectant, rollers and even their feet to stamp out the virus that’s wreaked so much havoc for more than a year. The character style and composition brings some fun to a serious subject. If the mural side is too subtle, the reverse side emblazoned with the edition name leaves no doubt.

Rounding out the first group of printed editions is the Martian Toys Black edition featuring their alien mascot on an otherwise all-black container. With lots of negative space for designing, this one doubles as a DIY version of sorts.

Editions of 50, the F*CK COVID ($100) and Martian Toys Black ($80) 1:20 Shipping Container plastic art toys (12x6x5″ tall) are available now from Martian Toys. With working doors and latches, the stackable containers are also fun places to stash small stuff on the inner wood floor.