Dungby & Pooba by Andrew Bell x Dead Zebra

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From the clever (twisted) mind of Andrew Bell comes the Dungby & Pooba soft vinyl art toy set. This fun set features Dungby, the dung beetle, and Pooba, his precious ball of poop and BFF. After several rounds of creature-based candy toys, Bell has found a way to come up with a rather unconventional spin on ‘food’ toys.

The clever ideas don’t stop at the conceptual level. Not at all. Andrew Bell has pushed this design to the max. First, Dungby has six (!) points of articulation. Each of his legs are articulated which allows him the flexibility he needs for his daily activities including standing upright, sitting flat, or perhaps most importantly, sitting snugly on his pal (and dinner) Pooba. And… there’s one more trick lurking within the dung. The Pooba ball opens in half making it a perfect storage container for Dungby.

The down and dirty duo debut in the Dark Sparkle edition. While we’ve never thought of dung beetles as particularly beautiful, the rainbow sparkle shell on the glossy black Dungby is quite striking. For his part, Pooba features a brown fade paint application.

An edition of 100, the Dungby & Pooba – Dark Sparkle soft vinyl art toy set (Dungby: 2/2.5″, Pooba: 3″) will be available from the Dead Zebra shop on Wednesday (5.12) at 8 AM PDT for $65. Btw, proving their versatility Dungby & Pooba go beyond toys into lifestyle with their own mugs, totes, and stickers—all of which are available right now.